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Painos &
Specialty Moves

We specialize in moving Pianos of all shapes and sizes: Spinets, console pianos, studio pianos, upright pianos, grand pianos and more. We offer competitive flat-rate pricing and have all the necessary tools and equipment to get your piano where you want it so you can get playing.


Do you have another item that is particularly delicate and requires a certain amount of finesse to get from A to B? Our team has you covered. We move anything from large appliances to musical instruments and can accommodate you, whatever the piece. Along with specializing in Pianos, we have also moved everything from industrial water heaters and oversized refrigeration units to motorcylces, full-size trampolines and hot tubs.

If you're looking to move just a couple of pieces of furniture, we cover small moves as well. Whether just a couple of couches or a treadmill, even if it's just from one spot inside your house to another, we can take care of your needs.

All of these types services are included in our up-front and transparent pricing. Just tell us what you need and we'll go over options with you to cater the move to any of your specific requirements and take the weight off of your shoulders.

Call us or fill out the form below to get a free estimate or book with us!

Wrapping the Couch
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